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GP Investments has a distinctive business model that promotes great alignment of interest with the limited partners who invest resources in the funds it manages. In addition to conducting proprietary investments, GP Investments acts as manager and is a relevant investor in the funds under its management, be they related to private equity or real estate.

The company also owns GP Advisors, a management company that focuses on private equity around the world through both secondary investments and direct co-investments, and controls BRZ Investimentos, which is the third largest independent asset manager in Brazil. Currently, GP Advisors is responsible for managing the existing portfolio of Spice Private Equity Ltd, a listed investment vehicle in Switzerland, in which GP Investments has also a direct stake.

As an investor, GP Investments receives capital gains and dividends arising from the invested companies. As manager, the company receives management fees and performance fees relating to its funds.

The above diagram shows the ownership structure of the company.

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