GP Investments is a leader in alternative investments in Latin America with a strong presence in asset management, principally private equity funds. Since its foundation in 1993, GP Investments has raised over US$5 billion from investors worldwide and has completed investments in more than 50 companies. Over the years GP Investments has accumulated great experience of investing and managing third-party capital in Latin America, exercising control or joint control in several of the largest Brazilian corporations.

GP Investments is distinguished by a solid culture that emphasizes values such as personal excellence, meritocracy, trust, ethical behavior and an obstinate commitment to achieving results. The investment approach is always active, meaning direct influence in the actions and strategies of invested companies. This influence is exercised via significant presence on company boards, nomination of new senior management teams and meticulous supervision of operations and results.

GP Investments has brought together a team of very talented, high-potential professionals with prior management experience in different market segments. Training represents a key differential, and we encourage the dissemination and sharing of knowledge throughout the team. This coordinated approach transforms businesses, generates value, creates unique companies, perpetuates the culture and leads to long-term business partnerships.

GP Investments was the first investment company in Latin America to go public, raising US$308 million in net proceeds from a 100% initial primary offer in 2006. Shares are listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and trade on BM&FBovespa, the Brazilian Stock Exchange, via Brazilian Depositary Receipts (BDRs). GP Investments was also the first investment company in Latin America to issue publicly traded perpetual debt, raising US$190 million in 2007. A year later the company strengthened its permanent capital base by raising an additional US$232 million from partners and outside public equity investors through a follow-on equity offering. These operations have allowed the company to build a permanent capital base to invest in the funds it manages and to use directly in strategic projects.

The company currently has investments in private equity and real estate, in addition to its direct stakes in BRZ Investimentos, an asset management subsidiary, and in Spice Private Equity Ltd., a Switzerland-based investment company.

For further details on GP Investments’ business units, please refer to Asset Management -> GP Investments -> Private Equity or Real Estate.

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